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A Bit About Us

Naturaleza is a family creation, born in the mountains of the Algarve, south Portugal.
It is the fruit of our joint experiences around Permaculture designing, aromatherapy, sustainable living, homeschooling, and our travels around the world.

We create 100% natural, handmade remedies and cosmetics. Our products are based on local medicinal herbs, which we grow or gather in the mountains.
We wish to share our love of nature, and the trust we have in its gifts, and to invite you to a journey of reconnecting with the essence of healing people with plants.



Daphna & Arturo

The Values That Motivate Us



Choosing to live in a very natural environment, and trusting that it supplies us with all we need, inspires us to create products that are completely natural. There is nothing synthetic involved in the preparation or preservation of our products. Natural ingredients or raw material perform better when they are not combined with unnatural ones. 

Using them increases our trust in self-healing, and reinforces a relationship with nature. 





Every act of creation carries within it an  intention. When we are aware of a clear and pure intention that moves us into doing - we can optimize the potential of our creations.
Therefore in Naturaleza we focus on carrying through our intention into every step of the production process - from harvesting the plant until it is processed and presented, our work is accompanied by the clear

intention of healing & gratitude.




Understanding that everything is connected, and that aspects of our lives affect each other, we share a holistic view of the relationship between people and their natural surrounding.

We strive to integrate Naturaleza into other aspects of our life: Home, children, education, relationships,

self-development, and create a fair exchange between our personal ecosystem & nature.


We support simple, accurate pharmacy, which means we use ingredients everyone can recognise by name, and we create products that are unique, but not complicated.

Modern pharmacy contains so many ingredients, which many times are unnecessary and unfamiliar. To create products that you can trust and understand, we provide the active ingredients of the plant as purely as possible, and we are completely transparent in our processes.



Every corner in the world has it’s special plants, oils, minerals. We try to use as many local ingredients as possible - the wild plants that surround the mountains of south Portugal where we live, cultivated plants which we grow in our garden, cold pressed olive oil from a nearby producer, beeswax from a small-scale neighbor beekeeper and more. What’s needed for healing heart-body-mind is usually much closer than we think. 


Understanding we are in a respectful dialog with nature, regarding what we give and what we take, we strive to never take more than we need, and always give something in return. We also trust that the knowledge and experience we collect is there for sharing, the same way others shared and still share their knowledge with us. Our prices also reflect this value; We charge the real price of our work and energy, understanding that we are also being paid with so many gifts that this project had brought us , and because our intention is to create a realistic alternative to conventional cosmetics and remedies.

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