Ointments and Remedies

This section includes Naturaleza's remedies and more medicinal products. They are based either on local cold-press olive oil, or Medronho (local portuguese alcohol) which we pick on our land, and distill ourselves. Herbs are soaked into these mediums to create powerful remedies for different acute or chronic situations. 

For cuts, burns, bug bites & more
30ml - 4 Euro
65ml - 6 Euro
Hormonal balance of your moon, and menopause support.
50ml - 6 Euros
General vitality, support and reviving, creating movement and focus.
50ml - 6 Euros
Soaked in beetroot alcohol 1:5 antibiotic, strengthens the immune system
30ml -5 Euro
50ml - 7 Euro
Anti inflammatory for bruises, muscles, articulations. Not for open wounds.
30ml - 4 Euro;
65ml - 6 Euro
Anti inflammatory & calming the skin
30ml-4 euro
65ml- 6 euro
Detox for the liver, and remedy for fever and inflammation.
50ml - 6 Euros
Anti inflammatory with thyme, liquorice, plantago, echinacea & medronho
50ml - 6 Euro
100ml - 9 Euro
Eases pain, reduces early stage infection.
30ml - 4 Euros
Balances the nervous system, anti stress, for situations of anxiety, sleeplessness.
50ml - 6 Euros
Calendula oil & beeswax
6ml - 2 Euro
Strengthening the immune system
50ml - 6 Euro
Aromatic water for facial cleansing
100ml - 5 Euro
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